The Documentary about a Swordmaker…

So, in 2014 our story begins. As I have mentioned before, I had been dabbling with film and TV production work on and off since university, but it was documentary film making I really wanted to do. My friend Morven and I went on a trainee open day at BBC Scotland in Glasgow, where weContinue reading “The Documentary about a Swordmaker…”

Katrina McPherson Screendance Workshop 2016

A bit of a retrospective one, but a year ago today I took part in a screen dance workshop led by the extremely talented and respected Katrina McPherson. It was a hands-on experience from the start, with more movement and dancing on my part than I anticipated, which was a genuine joy. The two-day workshop at Dance BaseContinue reading “Katrina McPherson Screendance Workshop 2016”