Behind the scenes…

So, a long time ago in an independent cinema not so far away, two 18-year-olds vowed to make a mockumentary together. And 14 years later they finally are.

With a love for the genre’s dry and, sometimes, slapstick comedy,  Andrew and I had always said we would make a mockumentary – with him writing and me on the production and post-production side of things.

So while it took 14 years for it to finally happen, it was actually only a matter of a few months from Andrew saying ‘I’m writing a script, let’s do it’, to me making the first edits!

Luckily for us, we have been friends for almost 20 years…OK that sounded weird in my head but it is shocking seeing it typed out. So we know each other’s sense of humour, the standard of quality we aspire to and ‘quirks’. It also means I don’t mind telling him to get a move on when in my role as 1st AD/Camera operator/DOP/Editor and he doesn’t mind telling me something will work when I question it.

We are nearing completion on our ‘Director’s Cut’, which will be shown at a special screening for the cast and crew this weekend, and I am beyond excited for them all to see it. It is fantastic being part of such a hard working and talented team, with every person giving up their free time to help us make this happen.

So lend us your support and watch this space for the pilot episode of ‘FOH’!

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