First blog post

Thanks for stopping by Twist of Lime Productions Ltd, and my apologies if you thought it was a cocktail recipe website. I can always keep the name if I decide to change careers.

I’m Clara Martin and for the last 8 years, I have worked freelance in television and film as a runner, 3rd AD and production assistant.

After an internship in London on CBBC’s ‘Little Howard’s Big Question’, my first runner job was on one of the very early Compare the Meerkat ads. I got paid a fiver an hour on a 10-hour shoot up in the snowy Pentland Hills. In January.

Work over the next few years was a mixed bag of independent features, short films, adverts, music videos, the BAFTA Film Awards, The Comedy Unit and a documentary for BBC Scotland.

This was of course heavily supplemented with temp jobs everywhere and anywhere – from the Scottish Government and NHS to being the receptionist for lawyers, accountants, engineers and a biscuit factory. Yup, if it had a reception desk, I sat at it.

To keep my creative mind and sanity intact, my friends and I would take part in the wonderful 48 Hour Film Project. I really got the buzz for producing and putting together teams. Also making a film in 48 hours that is worthy of being screened, while battling sleep depravity, is the ultimate test of creativity and skill.

About three years ago my friend and I decided it was time to make something happen for ourselves and that’s when we started making the documentary series about Macdonald Armouries. Since I was directing and producing I decided to start Twist of Lime Productions Ltd.

As well as being a place to try out ideas and work on my own projects, I hope that under the Twist of Lime banner I can collaborate with other like-minded creatives and it will be somewhere we can share our skills and ideas and together make some fun, interesting and special content.

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